From the Pastor

“Advent preparations, family dynamics, the tug of memories, lots of sweets—the holiday season can add up to serious stress. Release lingering tension with these simple exercises from Omada®, the digital lifestyle change program that inspires healthy habits you can live with long term.”

This is part of an email I received from my health insurance. I am all for exercise. Yet, it bothers me a bit that the season of Advent now comes with a warning label. It can add up to serious stress!! There is no denying that things are getting more hectic, traffic is worse, and just being in the vicinity of a mall is a nightmare, at least for me who doesn’t like malls to begin with.

But this is not how Advent should be defined. It is, despite cultural pressures, a time of anticipation and hope, and not stress and dread. So, I would like to suggest that we do exercise, go for walks, do some yoga, or whatever we like – simply because it is good for us. And I would like to suggest another type of exercise: reclaiming the spirit of Advent and taking some time for reflection, devotions and preparation – simply because that it is also good for us.

Have a spirit-filled Advent!