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Karaoke Night @ TLC

As a continued endeavor to initiate and foster community, Trinity Lutheran’s Improvement Committee has been developing community events ┬áthat bring everyone together to fellowship and just have a good time. The Improvement Committee has come up with some great ideas like Trivia Night (coming up) and as seen below, Karaoke Night. Friends, family, colleagues, etc.; all are welcome to join in the fun and just make fools of ourselves. The kids, of course, love to try and steal the show but the real treat was experiencing the song “Edelweiss” sung by Pastor Storck in her Dirndl.

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The Snack Pack Project

The Sunday School students of Trinity spearheaded a Snack Bag Project. The snack bags are distributed by Family Promise to needy school children to provide nutritional food for the weekends. The students collected food and money donations, purchased supplies and filled the snack bags (with the assistance of their parents and other members of the congregation. Over 300 bags were donated to Family Promise.

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Trinity Takes a Field Trip to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Pastor Storck invited the TLC Sunday School as well as any congregational members, friends and family to experience the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary where she often volunteers her time and labor to support the care and well being of farm animals.

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TLC Confirmation Class of 2017

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TLC’s Sunday-School Fall Leaf Pick Up 2016

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