Chair Yoga

These classes are especially beneficial to people with limited physical strength and mobility. They offer an opportunity to improve your health through a very simple form of adaptive exercise; although you are seated and supported by a chair, the movements are performed in a way that still provides you with yoga’s healing and restorative powers, among them an increase in flexibility and enhancement of your overall well-being. It’s an excellent introduction to yoga for those who consider the practice a strange and exotic activity even though it is a centuries old practice with proven beneficial results.

No Chair Yoga in August at Trinity.  Try a free Yoga class with Linda at Tenafly Public Library on August 15, 2018 at 1:30 PM.

Chair Yoga classes will resume at Trinity in September.

Gentle Yoga

These classes are designed to revitalize the body, relax the mind, increase energy and reduce stress. As the name implies, these are gentle exercises focusing on careful stretching, core strengthening and breathing techniques. The aim is to improve both mental and physical health.

No Gentle Yoga in August at Trinity.  Gentle Yoga classes will resume at Trinity in September, check the website for updates.  August Gentle Yoga classes with Linda will be offered at the Graf Center, EHMC (Englewood Hospital Medical Center) with free parking on Wednesday’s at 5:30 PM.