Pathway Of Remembrance

Pathway Start

The brick Pathway of Remembrance is off to a beautiful start. Many thanks are due Michael Wronski, Nils Abate, Irene Farrell, Matt Cirigliano, Paul Ibrahim and Pastor, the crew who spent a weekend digging and preparing the foundation in order to arrange and secure the bricks. If you haven’t yet admired their work, please take a few minutes before or after service to do so and do make it a point to thank our hard workers.

And, we’d like to remind you that this is not intended as a memorial to those members who have passed away, although many people have purchased bricks in remembrance of their loved ones. That is the reason for the Memorial Garden. This Pathway that will run from the church entrance to that Memorial Garden is also intended as an affirmation of your relationship with Trinity while here and will remain a testament to that commitment when you are gone. So, if you’ve hesitated to purchase a brick because you’re still among the living, go ahead, purchase a brick. It will bring a smile when you see it placed in the growing pathway.

You may place your order at any time and bricks will be sent for when there are ten orders and added to the Pathway when they arrive. Keep a look out for yours.

And let our crew know you appreciate their work.