About our Pastor

Pastor Beate Storck has been serving as pastor at Trinity in Tenafly since August 2009.

She grew up in a small town near Frankfurt, Germany. She studied Protestant Theology in Frankfurt, Montpellier (France), and Hamburg, where she met her future husband, Arnd. An internship in a congregation in Wiesbaden followed. To complete her training as pastor, she also served an internship that took her to Namibia for one year. Being exposed to a different culture and language was exciting and enriching. After graduating, her husband and she had the opportunity to serve as interim pastors for the German Seamen’s Mission in New York and New Jersey. Working with seafarers from all over the world was an experience that gave her insights into the lives and realities of those who travel across the globe on containerships. In 1998 she moved to Jersey City, where she lived for eleven years. During this time she served as Intentional Interim Minister in various congregational settings, working on issues of transition, grief, and conflict mediation. She then moved on to Trinity.

She has come to enjoy the pastorship at Trinity for several reasons. She appreciates that Trinity is an open-minded congregation, where discussions and learning about temporary issues are valued. The children’s ministry is important; the children regularly take leadership roles during worship services. The congregation also holds a deep concern for those who are struggling in their lives, and together they work to make Trinity a welcoming place that truly represents the Body of Christ.